Termination of employment unfortunately happens, even after following all the rules and being the perfect employer there are many reasons an employee may say – ‘so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye’.

When an employee resigns ensure that their reasons are of no cause for concern to the company, if they are maybe following the grievance plan could stop them from leaving.

The company may have to take the unfortunate decision to make redundancies. Make sure you know your company redundancy policy.

  • Identify the roles you are considering making redundant
  • Meet the staff who may be affected to inform them what you are considering
  • Consider alternative roles for the employees
  • Invite employees to suggest alternative solutions to the redundancy
  • Should no suitable alternatives be found, meet with the employees who will be made redundant to give notice of termination
  • Make the redundancy payment in line with your policy and current legislation.
  • Employees have the right to appeal any aspect of the redundancy process. The meeting guidelines for a grievance situation should be followed if this is to happen

Of course it may be you as the employer that makes the decision to dismiss an employee, depending on their length of service there are a number of ways to manage such a situation.

  • The probation period may have come to end and the employee has not passed it
  • The employee is still in their first year with the company
  • The employee has over two year’s service with the company, this usually follows a disciplinary process

In all cases of termination of employment remember these tips

  • Do you want the employee to work their notice period
  • Confirm dismissals in writing
  • Complete an exit interview
  • Collect back all company owned property
  • Notify payroll
  • Archive personnel files

Dealing with an enforced termination of employment can seem a daunting prospect so we are always here to help guide you through the process.

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