Receptionist sent home from work for not wearing high heels! Really?! What decade are we living in?!

It is perfectly reasonable and lawful to set a dress code on your place of work, and in fact it is reasonable (and not discriminatory) to have different requirements for men and women if they are of an equivalent degree of smartness / style of attire.

But let’s get real – do we really think that in order to look smart women must be in high heeled shoes?!

At vivoHR we suggest employers really think about the dress code they impose – for example is a suit and tie really necessary – does it genuinely make the workforce more productive? Do clients expect it? If not then don’t require it!

Mind you…having worked some years ago for a company where women wearing trousers meant they were “turning lesbian” (oh yes honestly the marketing director said that!) – Sam’s never been much of a fan of imposed dress codes since…!

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