Easter, a 2000-year-old Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a major Christian Festival. It’s celebrated all over the world but how do you celebrate Easter at work?

Easter marks the arrival of Spring… Finally! Nowadays, for many, Easter is all about chocolate bunnies, dyed eggs, silly Easter bonnets and of course a 4-day weekend!

This year Easter Sunday falls on 17 April but the Christian celebrations last for more than just 1 day. The week leading up to Easter known as Holy Week. There are a number of important dates during the week to acknowledge. Starting with Palm Sunday and including Maundy Thursday where Christians remember when Jesus ate at the Passover meal with his disciples, better known as the Last Supper. Good Friday commemorates the execution of Jesus by crucifixion and Easter Sunday celebrates his resurrection.

An Egg is a symbol of new life. For Christians, Easter Eggs are a symbol for the resurrection of Jesus.

Most Easter eggs we see now are made from chocolate and covered in brightly coloured foil. Traditionally though, chicken eggs would be hard boiled and then decorated by hand. Traditional Easter egg hunts remain popular with both Christian and non-Christian children.

How can you celebrate Easter at work?

Depending on your workplace and environment, you may wish to indulge in the joys of celebrating Easter at work. Offering an office Easter egg hunt or a dessert table offering spring goodies. In doing so, you should consider all employees, not everyone may work in your office. Some might hybrid work, or permanently work from home, or you may have field workers that are travelling around. Maybe sending these employees a gift to their home will share a pinch of the Easter spirit on them to!

It’s all well and good buying eggs and tasty chocolate bunnies for your employees, but you should consider if your employees have any allergies and some, as strange as it seems might not even like chocolate. It could be appropriate to gift them something different. If you’re unsure what your team would like maybe, you could send a short survey out across the organisation to find out.

And there’s nothing to stop you dressing up as the Easter Bunny when you deliver your gifts. Honestly, we know a business owner that does just that.

Remember that not everyone will be able to celebrate the holiday at home!

This year’s Easter Bank holiday weekend falls on Friday 15th April – Monday 18th April. Many businesses will be closed during this period, there will also be lots still be open too. Many will be very busy due to members of the public visiting during this period. Places such as retail, hospitality and public sector organisations will continue to operate as normal. Please remember to be eggstra kind to employees who work extra hard to ensure others can enjoy the Easter holidays!

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