Well I go to a lot of networking events and I like to offer something a bit different when I’m telling people about the HR side of our business

So I’ve introduced people to my little green pal Marvin the Martian

Marvin is a model employee on his planet

He works a long week and never complains about needing rest breaks or wanting to exert his rights under the Working Time Directive.  He doesn’t take time off sick and never complains of back ache or stress!

He plans to works until he is 80 and has no thoughts that his employer needs to provide him with health care or a pension.

His wife wouldn’t dream of expecting maternity benefits and paternity leave is unheard of.

Marvin does everything that is asked of him, he wouldn’t dream of behaving inappropriately at work and he never questions the bosses as he knows that disciplinary matters are dealt with quite simply…..by laser gun!

Sadly for businesses here on earth Marvin can’t survive outside of his own planet.  So if you need to employ staff they will have to be of the human variety with all the variations, complications, rights and issues that brings.

That’s why you need vivoHR to help you deal with all HUMAN resources matters – we’ll ensure you have the best people working for you and achieving the successes your business wants.



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