Right to work checks will have to be in person again as of 17 May 2021.

Of the many things that have changed the way we work in the last year some are starting to return to the pre Covid way of doing things and right to work checks are one such task.

In the remote world of work we have become used to the virtual process for checking an applicant or pending employee’s right to work. A scanned copy followed up by a video call confirmation or using the online right to work tool was allowed under a temporary adjustment to the guidance.

On April 20 the Home Office confirmed that this adjustment would come to an end on 16 May.

If you will still be working remotely and it is still not possible to carry out the checks in person the original documents may need to be couriered so that they be verified and the employer would then need to carry out a video call with the individual to confirm their identity.

You may be able to carry out an online right to work check if you are provided the share code by the individual.

The good news is that if you have carried out virtual right to work checks in the past year or so you will not need to retrospectively carry out the checks in person.

This guidance from the home office on how to carry out right to work checks, acceptable documents and processes was last updated March 2021.

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