I’m sure you are all keeping up to date with the news but we thought we’d share a few Coronavirus advice and resources sites with you that may be helpful.

This site is really clear about who should isolate from work and when and for how long – importantly it also says who DOESN’T need to isolate so may help with some employee queries


This page pulls together all the Govt resources so far 


This page sets out current position on SSP (no change since last week but useful to bookmark as things get updated)


This page sets out the rules on temporary layoffs and short time working – these are pieces of employment legislation that you may find helpful and if things get tough you may want to rely upon – many of you will have these written into your employment contracts too if we have drafted those for you


If you have zero hours employees or casual workers and are unsure what you can do regarding their working hours give us a call.

ACAS guidance is good too


Finally our friends at 2020 Business Law have put together some guidance that is helpful – including looking at force majeure clauses in your commercial contracts and a link to useful advice on the Govt financial support measures

And on our own blog we have some Coronavirus advice and resources on managing mental well-being during this time

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