Today is National Work From Home Day, we’ve mentioned before that we are advocates of the work from home option, the flexibility, no long commutes, the home/work balance are just a few of the many benefits and it seems that now more employers are recognising them too with the rise in numbers of homeworking employees.

Homeworkers can permanently based from home, share time between home and their employer’s premises, occasional work-from-homers or mobile workers that use home as their base.

There are of course practical considerations when employing homeworking members of your team, insurances, equipment, health and safety and data protection (data protection and confidentiality doesn’t stop just because you are at home) to name a few and as the employer some of these are more your responsibility than others.

Contractually there are areas to be clear on as well. What is the primary place of work? How often is the employee expected to come to the employer’s premises? What are the working hours? One of the benefits of homeworking is flexibility but what if that doesn’t work for your business.? What expenses can be claimed? How do you monitor the employee’s productivity?

If you already have staff that work from home or are considering employing more home-based employees and you want to make sure you are doing it right then get in touch.

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