Has your business seen a rise in sickness absence since the start of the summer?

Is the absence genuine or do you suspect that it may involve more lying on a sunbed than a sick bed?  Is the absence authorised or do staff simply not turn up for work?

Hot weather can increase the number of adhoc ‘sick’ days taken and can really impact on your business especially with annual holidays also being taken by other staff. Including an sickness and absence policy in your staff handbook is not always enough to deter staff from throwing a sickie.

We at vivoHR encourage our clients to have a practical robust absence procedure in place that is consistently used for all reasons for absence. If staff know their absence is monitored and on their return to work they will have to attend a back to work interview they are less likely to throw caution to the wind and take a day off to go to the beach. How confident would you feel showing up at work with a sun burnt face after stating you have been ill in bed for the last 24 hours?!?!?

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