So your business is growing & you need more people in it to get all the work done, it’s a daunting thought and you might not have employed anyone before, we are here to give you our recruitment top tips to help make things a little easier.

The first job is to create a clearly defined job description and person specification that sets out the tasks you need someone to do as well as the desired skills, knowledge experience and attitude

Consider the most effective way to advertise

  • agencies can be great but are expensive
  • online advertising on job sites is cost effective but you can be overwhelmed with the number of applications
  • newspaper or magazine advertising can be costly but if you need to target a geographical area or an industry sector it is effective
  • the job centre is free and their online service is a great resource
  • using your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and also Linked in is free and taps into people that are already interested in what you do
  • tapping in to your network, word of mouth and personal recommendations often yields great candidates

NEVER recruit in haste or recruit the best of a bad bunch no matter how desperate you are for help – we promise you will always regret it!

Follow a robust recruitment procedure

  • Request CVs or a completed application form along with signed copy of your employee privacy notice and any completed security screening documentation if that is also a requirement of your business
  • Shortlist from this
  • Arrange interviews and plan the questions you will ask – base these on the requirements you in the Job Description and Person Specification – ask questions about behaviour and ask for examples of skills and knowledge
  • Ideally have a second person meet each candidate too
  • Consider work based assessments to give you objectives measures of their abilities

Make any job offer subject to satisfactory references and ensure you take these up

Ensure your successful applicant is eligible to work in the UK by taking copies of suitable evidence such as a passport, birth certificate & work visas where required.

Congratulations, by following our recruitment top tips you will have the perfect team in no time!

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