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HR Support for Trade Businesses

Tools are your trade, people are ours.

If you’re working your socks off running a business the best you can, providing for your family and the families of your employees, the last thing you want is anyone or anything making life unnecessarily difficult. The bottom line is that if you employ anyone, or have contractors that do work for you, you have a responsibility to them and them to you. Human Resources (HR) is necessary and important. It needn’t be a dragnet though that slows your business to a crawl. At vivoHR, we know HR – it’s what we do. But really what we do is make HR simple for trade businesses. You may run the business and be on the tools as well, so what you can expect us to do is:
  • Make sure that all of the boxes are ticked when it comes to being a legally compliant employer;
  • For all the time people are employed by you or do work for you, we help make that relationship a positive one, from both points of view; and
  • When it looks like things might go wrong, we make sure you’re protected and do things by the book when it comes to managing and resolving conflict.

How do I know if I need help?

It can be hard when you are working in the business to know when a situation requires the help of someone with expert knowledge to come in from the outside. That’s why we have written our note called 10 scenarios in your business when HR help might be needed.

Our approach

People who run trade businesses like that we’re no-nonsense, plain speaking and apply common sense first and foremost when it comes to sorting out issues related to people. We are in Farnborough, Hampshire. If you’re a trade company within an hour’s drive we can help. Does any of the following stroke a chord?
  • The Office Manager is always over-worked
  • Absence has become a serious headache
  • An employee is being disruptive in the workplace
We’re also great to have on hand for those difficult conversations that you don’t want to have yourself and with us in your corner, you won’t have to. We’re here to make life a little easier Further insight: Read an article by us about Choosing the right HR support for your business

More about vivoHR support for trade businesses:-

We have pulled together lots of useful information for Office Managers and Owners of trade businesses.

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