Recruitment is inevitable! If your business is progressing there is likely to be a time when you will need to recruit to grow your team. It’s important that you draw up a clear plan before starting as it could end up messy. Or expensive! The recruitment process is an important factor.

Whether you are a large international organisation or a small start-up business. The key points of the recruitment process are pretty much the same. Although certain principles of the process may differ, generally it is the same process! A clear and well organised hiring process is the key to setting expectations and managing timelines for all parties. What could the process involve and what should you consider?

Examples of things you should consider:

  • What exactly do we need in a new recruit?
  • Where will we advertise?
  • How will we attract great candidates?
  • Who is managing the recruitment process?
  • How do people apply?
  • What information do we want to give applicants?
  • What will applicants find out about your business if they do their research online?
  • How many interview / assessment stages will there be?
  • Who will be present at each stage?
  • Will candidates have to give a presentation, if so to who and what will it be about?
  • Will there be assessments for candidates to complete?
  • How long will the process take from start to finish?

Having a clear recruitment process is particularly important if managers are being supported in recruitment by an internal or external HR department. Providing the HR team with all the relevant info such as the positions you require to fill, a recruitment calendar, information on budget, and tracking and assessment tools can reduce costs and time wasted going back and forward. Time is valuable to you all we know!

The key to a successful business is having good quality employees. Establishing a job description, pitching the role at the correct salary and advertising in places where you know you’ll be able to attract the right pool of candidates is the first step.

Create an advert that will excite candidates about working for you. Remember that you need to sell your business and the role to them as much as they need to sell themselves to you.

We suggest that you identify which tasks you need the recruit to complete and whether you have the capabilities to train them. There is no point hiring a librarian to fill a skydiver trainer role! It could be costly to your business.

Going through a systematic set of questions, and even skills tests, helps to establish that you have logically gone through a fair recruiting process and chosen people based on defined metrics, rather than a gut feeling! If you do this, then you increase the chances of hiring someone who will succeed in their role. Therefore, costing your business less and saving time on training.

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