It’s Our Party and We’ll Cry If We Want To!

So we reckon this weekend, it’s officially the start of Christmas Party Season!  Will you be treating your employees to a night out, a Christmas lunch, or will there be mulled wine & mince pies in the boardroom?

We’d like to think the clichéd days of photocopying your bare backside after one too many sherries are long gone. But judging by some of the situations we have dealt with in recent past Christmases, we’re not convinced!  The employee who tells his boss just exactly what he thinks of a new company policy. The awkward atmosphere after a drunken fumble between two colleagues. Embarrassment can proliferate the morning after the night before. But let’s face it, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a bit of drama!

To enjoy a successful company Christmas ‘do’ and avoid a ‘dis-aster,’ there are a few key things to remember:

  • Make sure the food and drink caters for all tastes, preferences, allergies and religious requirements.
  • Keep the ‘Secret Santa’ gifts fun and appreciated by everyone – we don’t want to be the ‘fun police,’ but some boundaries on acceptable gifts is often a wise idea.
  • If the company plans to give gifts to all employees, ensure they are appropriate – consider what will make staff feel appreciated and valued.  A bottle of whisky for your teetotaller employee isn’t usually that well received.
  • Remember that a company ‘do’ could potentially be considered as working time for Health & Safety purposes and your Duty of Care extends to this time too. So ‘pour’ those who have enjoyed a great night out into a taxi at the end of the party. It give you peace of mind as well.

One final thing, even if your the business owner, enjoy yourself too!

Happy celebrating. Cheers!

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