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Appraisal Training

Whether you call them appraisals or reviews, providing line managers in your business who have the responsibility of employee performance management with the skills to undertake effective performance discussions with their team members can be very beneficial. Integral to appraisal training is the understanding and implementation of any performance management processes.

At vivoHR we believe strongly that employee appraisals and reviews, if they are done well, play an important part in providing a fulfilling work experience for members of staff.

In the training provided by vivoHR to your mangement team, we discuss the reasons for wanting appraisal training in your business at this time so we can make the delivery as relevant as possible.

Our appraisal sessions are a combination of training and workshops, and they cover:

  • Why appraisals are important to this business;
  • The benefits to the employer and the employee of an effective appraisal system;
  • The appraisal style that is consistent with the culture in this business, plus supporting documentation;
  • How to prepare for an appraisal meeting;
  • How to structure and run an effective appraisal meeting;
  • Agreeing and setting motivating goals ;
  • Working with the appraisee towards those goals between formal appraisal meetings; and
  • When the next appraisal meeting will be and how that one will build upon the first.

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