Performance Management

Performance Management

Improving staff performance

Performance Management has long been a ‘buzz phrase’ in HR. Enabling your staff to perform well in the work place clearly brings with it all sorts of benefits and successes beyond the obvious ones of money and satisfaction. The concept of Performance Management is however widely misunderstood.

A manager’s perception of Performance Management is of a singular tool to improve a situation e.g. “the sales figures for John Smith are regularly under target. We will hold a performance management review with John to discuss why, and how to improve the figures in the next quarter”.

At vivoHR, our view is that the developemnt and performance of the team is a continuous cycle of goal setting, planning performance and working with staff to achieve goals. There is a regular “check-in” review system to monitor progress. Rather than Performance Management being a solution to a problem, it is a supportive ongoing process that delivers sustainable improvement.

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