Setting goals for 2017 with your employees?

Interesting article in Entrepreneur about how to fail at goal setting with your staff. Worth a read!

In summary – to succeed (as we prefer a more positive approach!):

  • Be specific and ensure that the goals are clearly aligned with the company vision so that employees see where what they do fits with the bigger picture
  • Write them down and keep them visible so that you both refer to them throughout the year
  • Ensure they are achievable and have clear steps towards achievement identified – make it easy to get started with one small step at a time
  • Focus them wherever possible on employee strengths to maximise their, and therefore your business, successes
  • Aim to set goals that exciting, inspiring and challenging to engage employees fully
  • Measure achievement and track progress regularly throughout the year

Simple really – but are you doing it….? time to start ready for a fantastic 2017?

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