One of the good things to come out of lockdown for those of us that do still a daily commute to work is that it seems to be a lot quieter out there, which helps reduce the time we spend on the road.

But what about those of us who are now working remotely? Without the daily commute you could be missing out on valueable time to mentally get you in the right space for ‘going to work’ and ‘leaving work to go home’. When you only have to travel from one room to another are you allowing yourself to prepare for the day ahead and to switch off when that day is done?

The fake commute is fast becoming the daily commute. A walk around the block, a jog or a bike ride can be just what you need to make the distinction between home and work time. It helps you leave the house and arrive at work, giving you time to plan your day and get in the right mindet for working. Likewise a fake commute after you finsih work will give you time to switch off from your day job and ready you for ‘getting home’.

Having a set routine that you do at the start and end of each workday will help find the balance as will getting dressed for work in the morning and changing into non work clothes in the evening.

As well as the physical, mental and mood boosting benefits of getting out in the fresh air and winter sun you could also support your local independent coffee shops and sandwich bars that are missing out on much passing trade now that offices have been swapped to spare rooms. If you’re missing interacting with real people and small talk you might even find a fellow faker that you could travel to work with!

What are you missing about your daily commute?

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