What can the Great British Bake Off teach us about being a great employer?!

Feeling quite amused that even Personnel Today have got in on the Bake Off Breadxit story line – beyond the title their article about retaining talent has little if any reference to the departure of Mel, Sue & Mary and focusses on restrictive covenants which are often a bit like locking the proverbial stable door after the horse has bolted….

We’re not convinced that getting people to stay because they feel tired in to a restrictive contract is really the best way to manage things and furthermore we’d suggest that in fact there are many “tools” that an employer can use to deter employees from leaving – being asked to do interesting and meaningful work, being valued and respected, being paid well, being treated fairly, and being given opportunities to develop to name just a few key pointers….

We’d also suggest that as an employer you recognise that people move on to a new job for all sorts of reasons and that in itself is not always a bad thing for the business. Better to have a great employee for three yeas than a mediocre one who stays forever!

Having a good relationship with employees means they are more likely to give you fair notice of their departure rather than doing a moonlight flit, meaning you can have an effective handover. Being prepared for change, having documented processes and a strong infrastructure will mean that a change in personnel isn’t devastating to the business

So what can the Bake Off teach us? Not a lot it seems.. except maybe how to make the perfect cup cake….


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