Do you work from home? Do you encourage your employees to do so?

The Carbon Trust have released a report that states that increasing the number of UK employees working from home could cut costs for employers by up to £3billion and save over 3 million tonnes of carbon a year.

Many people report that they are more effective on working from home days; getting more done without distractions. The value of increasing flexibility and promoting work life balance is almost immeasurable.

The great news is that technology makes this a very simple thing to do for many industries & many job roles on a practical level.

We think the challenge for businesses is more to do with how you continue to create effective teams when they work remotely, facilitate meaningful and useful communication, enable valued working relationships, and how you engender a sense of belonging, trust, engagement and pride in the business when people work remotely.

All of this is possible but it takes a bit more thought than providing a video phone & a fast broadband connection!

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