vivoHR People Plan

vivoHR People Plan

Our passion is helping our clients develop scalable personnel strategies that will really support their ambitious growth plans. As a business owner you constantly have to juggle multiple roles in one. With great people at the heart of any successful business, as you grow, roles have to become more defined and you need a proper plan. Past a certain stage, you – the business owner definitely can’t manage every employee personally, so you need to develop a robust people strategy and company culture. That’s why we’ve created the vivoHR People Plan.

We love to work with employers who want to create a fantastic place to work, who understand how important their employees are and want to get the very best they can out of them.

What do we cover?

  • Your organisational structure – looking at whether your current team is likely to adequately support your ongoing business objectives and growth plans
  • Planning your future employment requirements – exploring what skills you will need to hire to help the business grow and what the best structure will be going forwards
  • Retaining your star team members – helping you create personal development plans for them
  • Helping you ensure you recruit the right people and remove any who aren’t adding to your business’s success – as painlessly as possible
  • Working with you to create innovative ways to build an authentic and appealing company culture that makes your business one where good people want to work

The vivoHR People Plan means you will be ahead of the game people-wise as you grow your business. It will ensure you’re always planning forward for growth and any potential gaps are identified in good time. We will help you plan a staff development strategy that will increase staff retention and ensure the best talent stays within your team.

We will ensure you are always best briefed on everything from how to develop staff most effectively to the latest trends in employee benefits and incentives. We are constantly expanding our HR knowledge and if you work with us on a vivoHR People Plan, your business can be consistently one of the first to benefit from that.

Everything we do follows best practice and is in line with the latest employment laws so you are assured you’re in safe hands.

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