Disciplinary and grievance

Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure

Managing a disciplinary procedure and grievance is a challenging area, especially for employers with smaller teams where everyone knows each other well. Handling disciplinary and grievance matters is time-consuming, can be mentally and emotionally tiring and there is still the effective running of the business to be done.

A grievance is any concern or complaint that a member of staff raises with you. A grievance will be personal to the person raising it, and so may relate to anything or anyone in the business. It is important to have a written grievance procedure and it needs to cover that:

  • Grievances raised must be in writing;
  • The employer will carry out a thorough investigation relating to the grievance;
  • A meeting will be held to discuss the grievance and suggestions for its resolution;
  • The employee raising the grievance has the right to be accompanied to the grievance meeting; and
  • An employee has the right to appeal the outcome if they are not satisfied.

Disciplinary and Grievance Package

vivoHR supports its clients with a comprehensive Disciplinary and Grievance package which it includes:

  • A Disciplinary and Grievance Policy together with guidance notes
  • Disciplinary and Grievance Process steps flow chart
  • Template letters for each stage of the process – with guidance notes for completion
  • Investigation report template
  • Disciplinary meeting minute taking template
  • Guidance notes for running meetings.

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