Absence management

Absence Management

Not sure what to do if you suspect a member of staff is “chucking a sickie” or having a duvet day?

Staff sickness and absence is a reality of employing staff in a business. In most cases a staff member would rather not be off work if it could be helped, and the employer’s natural concern is for a team member’s welfare and a return to work, fit and healthy, as soon as is practicable. vivoHR advocates a consistent approach to absence management.

Absence is through a business disruption, and there are many factors why a member of staff cannot make it to work. An absence policy means that you can manage various scenarios for being away from work in a sensible and fair way. A framework for handling absenteeism is appreciated by managers and staff because it provides a route map to handling what could be sensitive absence issues. Employers need to know why their staff are off, when they are likely to return and how to deal with the situation.

Absence Management – Guidelines to follow

There are some basic and sensible guidelines for managing and monitoring staff absence:

  • Monitor absence levels using a consistent system
  • Have a clear policy on how and when staff report their absence
  • Policies regarding returning to work following a period of sickness
  • Understanding self-certification and GP Fit Notes
  • Compassionate leave guidelines
  • Long-term sickness guidelines

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