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10 HR situations that might indicate the need for some outside help.

Running a business is hard work. Growing a business is arguably harder. We’ve put together ten situations that we’ve seen over the years that might indicate it’s time to get some outside HR help on board.

  1. The costs in the business are going up and the quality of service is going down. You’ve got some staff issues, but don’t know how to fix them.
  2. Absence levels in the business are having a really negative impact on giving the service needed to keep customers happy.
  3. The Office Manager is getting stressed – every day there’s people-related problems to sort out, and the paperwork side of things is falling further and further behind.
  4. A serious incident involving an employee travelling to site / on site has just come to light, despite it happening several months ago.
  5. You’re hiring staff again that weren’t actually that fantastic first time around.
  6. It’s six months since the GDPR kicked in and you have yet to sort out the HR records properly, even though it’s been a ‘To Do’ list for ages.
  7. The banter seems to have gone out of the business as sorting out people problems has taken the fun away from working.
  8. You’ve a hunch that one of the lads is calling in sick just so he can do some private work, but you can’t prove it.
  9. You’ve got a team of people out in the field who you never see and aren’t being managed.
  10. You’ve had to have a chat with one of the team about some attitude problems. Actually, he’s a good worker really, who you enjoy a drink with now and then, and if someone else could have had that ‘quiet word’ with him instead that would have been a better way to deal with it.


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