Get Up Out Of Your Chair!

Research by the British Journal of Sports Medicine is recommending that sedentary workers need to get up and move around for at least two hours every working day.

Apparently we spend up to 75% of our working day just sitting still and this is bad news for our health.

So what’s the answer?

Standing desks have become more popular and, according to the research perhaps we can encourage more “get up and stand huddles” rather than sit down meetings? Not always practical of course but possibly something to try for those quick meetings where confidentiality isn’t a requirement maybe?

How about walking and talking – at vivoHR as we have four dogs between us we quite often make significant business decisions, or just get up to speed on projects while the hounds charge through the woods or along the beach!

What about a revolution against internal email and here’s a thought…….get up and go talk to your colleagues instead?! Better for your stiff back & your work relationships we’d suggest!

At the very least – it’s a great idea to take a walk at lunchtime – good for your mental health, your afternoon productivity, your digestion and a welcome break from sitting.

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