Eggstra-ordinary bumper bonus bank holiday year!

If your company holiday year runs from April to March this concerns you.

Easter in 2015 falls in April & then in 2016 it falls in March meaning that if your holiday year runs from April to March there will actually be 10 Bank Holidays in the 2015/16 holiday year.

So depending on how your holiday section in your employment contracts is written in the 2015/16 years you either will have staff taking more holiday OR they’ll have to use more of heir allowance to cover bank holidays. So you need to start talking to staff about this before they book up all their holiday dates – we suggest this April would be a good time!

The bigger concern falls in 206/17 when there will only be 6 bank holidays so, again, depending on how your contract is worded you could end up with employees not receiving their full holiday allowance for that holiday year – thereby breaching their contract.

So please check when your holiday year runs to & from (this isn’t a problem if you have a January to December holiday year) and then check how your contracts are worded. If you have any queries or concerns give us a call.

Thanks to Simona at Wheelers LLP Solicitors for bringing this to our attention





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