So Sports Direct have reportedly “scrapped” zero hours contracts….except they haven’t, not really!

They have in fact stopped them being compulsory – instead offering the choice of a 12 hour per week contract or zero hours. This recognises that in actual fact there are many workers who benefit from the flexibility that the zero hour contract offers.

Given the allegedly awful other working practices (timing loo breaks – seriously?!) that Sports Direct are reputed to have in place; it is still our view that demonising the zero hour contract was focussing on the wrong target and we’re pleased to hear that other working practices are being changed across the organisation.

There are many businesses that rely on the zero hour contract to enable the flexibility they require where the nature and volume of the work is less predictable. They also give flexibility to the worker who can, when the zero hour contract situation is managed well, choose when they want to work.

If you want advice on how to successfully, fairly and legitimately implement zero hour contracts in your business we’d be pleased to help you.


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