We love working with vets and we had a great time working with a fabulous vets practice recently and as any who knows us we are mad about animals! So we are putting it out there that we would love to work with more vet practices.

Does this sound like you?HR Audit Hampshire, Small Business HR Services

  • You run a busy veterinary practice and you take great pride in offering a caring service to pets and their owners…you want to make sure you look after your staff as well as you look after your clients
  • Staff take up more of your time than you ever imagined possible when you first had the idea of building your own veterinary practice…not to mention keeping up to date with all the changes in employment legislation
  • You want to focus on growing your successful business, and having time to do more of what you love…but at the moment you are spending more time on HR issues than is desirable
  • You want to be an employer of choice attracting the very best veterinary professionals…but they didn’t cover that in veterinary college!

Human Resources Support HampshirevivoHR can help you

We have several years’ experience of working with vets.

We understand your business, and have hands on knowledge of the challenges that a busy veterinary practice can face.  We offer the HR Support for your veterinary practice that matches your exact needs.

Recently we have been more closely involved with one practice who have been delighted with the HR Support we have provided:


“Over the last 6 months Emma has worked 2 days a week to oversee the restructuring of the management of our busy hospital practice. This has also included review of staff contracts and the defining of roles. It has given Emma a very good understanding of how a veterinary practice works.

We are very pleased with the results and have successfully restructured while keeping a contented team who are now more empowered and motivated.”

Please take a look at what other satisfied clients have said about our HR Support Services.

So, whilst you are busy doing what you are great at, running your practice and taking care of animals, why not let vivoHR take care of your HR?

Our free HR Audit will instantly put your mind at rest that you comply with current legislation and best practice or tell you what needs to be done.

If you have an existing HR dilemma then we would, of course, be pleased to arrange a time to come and discuss things through with you.

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