Work-life balance is not our favourite term really, especially when you’re the owner of a business.

Work and life come hand in hand but recent months any kind of balance has become much harder to achieve. Business owners have also had to adjust to working from home, schooling their children, worrying about finances, and running a business with all the usual running a business worries and then some!

It is so important you look after your own health and wellbeing as much as you are thinking about everybody else’s.

Statistically there is around a 60% chance of a cardiac issue brought on by pressure of workload and stress for CEOs. High blood pressure and cholesterol also more likely to occur in people with high pressure roles in a business.

What can you do to improve your balance? Give yourself better quality ‘life’ time and improve what happens during your ‘work’ time?

What are your priorities? Are you doing too much? almost certainly! What can you delegate? Passing on lower priority tasks will give you more time to concentrate on the higher priorities of which you and your own wellbeing should be one!

Work to more managed time diary. Not every second of every day can be pre planned but by setting out some sort of default diary for regular tasks will mean you are actively planning aspects of your day, giving you better clarity & understanding of what still needs to be done.

It might be tempting to just answer that one email or take that one call, but you should be able to enjoy your weekend or take time off the same as anyone else. A recharged mind and body will bring a refreshed perspective to your business.

We’d hazard a guess that you haven’t taken much time off recently so make the most of he good weather, put your out of office on, turn your work phone off (even just for a little while) and enjoy some time for yourself.

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