Equality – you are allowed to celebrate Christmas!

Welcome to the first of our 2018 seasonal ‘cHRistmas’ blogs. It’s Winter and it’s 22 days until Christmas, stoke the fire and snuggle up with our first vivoHR Winter blog!

We want to share some good news!  Despite rumour and myth to the contrary, you really ARE allowed to celebrate Christmas in your workplace!

There has not been (to the best of our knowledge) a single tribunal case that has concluded that holding a Christmas party, putting up decorations, or even sending Christmas cards constitutes religious discrimination in any way, shape or form.  The consensus of opinion seems to be that these acts are engrained within our cultural norms and therefore not necessarily or always done as a celebration that is connected with religion for many people.

Of course the wise employer will ensure that those for whom Christmas does have religious significance enjoy the festive celebrations too, and that any party plans take into account all religions in terms of timing, food, drink and gifts.

And finally. If your work place is multi-cultural and enjoys employing people with a variety of religious beliefs, then why not take the opportunity to celebrate throughout the year and recognise festivals and religious occasions that are important to each of your staff?  Inclusion and respect for diversity have a positive and significant impact on workplace morale and employee engagement as well as helping to avoid any possible tribunal claims.

For more about HR issues at this time of year in a small or medium-size company, contact us. Sam@vivohr.co.uk or call 0845 463 9365.  

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