A recent study commissioned by Adobe, and reported in The Entrepreneur suggests that it is time for a change when it goes to appraisals!

We’ve recently worked with a company who have shelved the employee appraisal process while we decide on a new approach, and another who intend to use four team away days a year as their chance to spend time to set and review personal and team objectives, give each other feedback on successes and required improvements, review and revise how they get stuff done, and check in on goals and ambitions.

We work with a number of businesses in the care and childcare sector where the regulators expect to see regular supervision and appraisal meetings being held. So whilst we can’t ditch the performance review, one such client is about to revamp their processes so that whilst complying with the regulations, the process is more valuable and meaningful for both employees and the business.

What does your company do and is there a better way? Do you know why you hold performance reviews and what you aim to achieve by doing so – do you then meet that desired objective?


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