We had a great time presenting at the SuitAbility Conference yesterday – learnt lots ourselves as well as sharing our HR expertise in helping businesses to make Reasonable Workplace Adjustments to enable disabled employees to successfully pursue their careers and be valued members of their work teams.I’ve been involved in a few conversations recently where others have talked about how “unfair” it is to give “preferential treatment” to disabled employees.

There appears to be a huge misconception about quotas & disabled employees being given jobs over more qualified candidates just to help a company tick the equality box.I’ve already argued what utter nonsense that is & I’d defy anyone to believe such trash if they heard the challenges being faced in supporting people with a disability to get into the workplace and how under represented the disabled workforce is in many professions.

It was inspiring to hear about the great initiatives at companies like Goldman Sachs and the BBC.

Looking forward to the Suitability Conference 2015 already.

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