Our latest set of hints and tips comes at a time when we hope many businesses are beginning to believe that the worst might be over and be looking forward to business growth and development in 2012 and beyond.  So we’re focusing on recruitment, as are some of our clients. 

It’s fair to assume that many businesses have changed the way they do things over the last years, seeing benefit in being cost aware, looking for efficiencies, and better ways to manage budgets to ensure long term stability.With that in mind and whatever the reason you might need to recruit new staff, here are some pointers to recruiting for success:

Decide if you need to recruit at all. Outsourcing functions such as telephone answering and printing can be cost effective and reduce risks as you only pay for these services as and when you need them.

Recruit for the right job. When an employee leaves, avoid replacing “like for like” and look internally first. Does the job need doing in the same way as before? Are there people who are under-tasked or unchallenged who could take on some new responsibilities? This keeps existing staff engaged and ensures you only recruit to fill genuine skills gaps in your workforce.

Attract the best applicants.Produce a clear job description and person specification. Advertise in appropriate places, including your own website and the job centre. Use your network of contacts for recommendations and utilise sites like LinkedIn. If you use a recruitment agency ensure they will get you the right calibre of applicants, and agree a clear fee structure and service level in advance.

Recruit the best person. Recruit for attitude – look for organisational and team fit – seek out the employee who has the attitudes and values that are important in your business. If you find the right person find a job for them and hold on to them!

Run fair objective interviews.Ensure you are up to date with equality legislation and plan interviews that assess the qualities you require from a new employee. Competency based questions give indications of ability and work based tests give an objective measure of suitability for the job role.

Check check and check again!Always take up references. Ask for a medical report and Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks if the job requires one. Most importantly but often overlooked, ensure that you check all potential employees for eligibility to work in the UK as the fine for not doing so can be £10,000 per illegal employee.

Plan an effective induction. Staff that receive a good induction are significantly more likely to stay with a new employer so it is beneficial to put time and effort into getting this right after making efforts to recruit the best applicant.

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