Do you allow your employees to have pets at work? We have 2 office dogs, they are so much a part of vivoHR that they were part of our last job advert! We had to make sure that whoever ended up being our colleague was happy to be greeted by 2 excited fur-buddies each day and we have noticed with our clients that Pawternity and Pet Policies are becoming more frequently requested.

There are huge benefits to having pets at work, as we know they reduce stress. They also encourage employees to take the rest breaks which sadly is something that many employees don’t feel able to do. They have been proven to boost morale and company culture.  Being able to bring your pet to work is an attractive proposal for many younger job seekers.

But before you tell everyone to bring in their dogs, cats, rabbits or goldfish there are some cons to consider.

Some employees may have allergies or be frightened of certain animals. They may also be more of a distraction than company.

Your workplace may not be suitable, is there enough room? Are there lots of chewable cables? Is there a place for them to go other than under a desk? Would pets even be allowed in your premises? (a condition of our office move last year was that pets had to be allowed).

If you are thinking of introducing a Pets at Work arrangement we would suggest you do a few things first

  • Check with your landlord and insurance company that animals are allowed
  • Open the discussion with your employees to see if they would all want it
  • Set some initial rules
  • Run a trial period

Of course not everyone has pets so allowing pets at work may be something that not everybody can benefit from so it must be fair for all your employees.

We have written a few bespoke policies based on individual company requirements so if you are thinking on allowing pets at work give us call.

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