Do you run a business in childcare or early years provision?

Did you know that if any of your staff live with someone who has a conviction or caution for a “relevant crime” – predominantly crimes against children and violent crimes – then they may be disqualified by association from working with children under the age of 8 outside of school hours and up to reception age both during school hours and outside of them?

The individual can apply for a waiver on this disqualification but this means that until the waiver is granted you must suspend them from work or assign them duties away from the children. If you have to suspend this is on full pay unless your contract allows for something different.

This legislation has been around for several years but it only recently seems to have come to light with OFSTED inspectors now enforcing it.

If you want further information on what you need to do to ensure you are meeting all your obligations get in touch with us today.

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