As we approach the end of the year do you have staff in a desperate mad dash to use up annual leave? Have you had to insist people use up holiday or have you ended up allowing a large number of employees to carry holiday over to next year? Do you worry that you probably shouldn’t do that? Has this had an impact on staffing levels at a busy time for the company and do you wish you could not permit holiday to be taken at certain times of the year?

Or do you find yourself with the opposite problem where you want to implement a shut down over the Christmas period but employees don’t have enough holiday left to take the time off? Do you find yourself with more staff at work than you need over a quiet period?

If the answer is yes to any of these can we suggest you start 2013 afresh with an Annual Leave policy that sets out exactly how and when people should and / or can’t book holiday, how many people can take holiday at any one time, what days should be reserved for a business shut down, how Bank Holidays are managed and accounted for, and how much holiday entitlement employees have.

Add to this a Holiday Booking Form that requires management authorisation for any holiday request and a recording system to keep track of holiday bookings and you shouldn’t find yourself facing the same challenges next December!

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