How would you feel about a Job Interview by Skype? There was an interesting article today on the BBC about this.


Many recruiters we work with have successfully been using phone interviews as part of the applicant screening process for a long time. Skype or video calling seems like a logical step on from that and I’m sure it is already pretty common place.


We’d still advocate that, wherever possible, a face to face interview in the same location should form part of the selection process. The measure of a candidate’s handshake, seeing the “whites of their eyes”, a chat whilst taking a tour of the premises, meeting others in the business, and work based assessments are all too useful to rely solely on a video interview in our opinion. We can’t see skype replacing the face to face interview for a good long while yet.


But when travel time and costs might make that difficult, skype is certainly a great option to decide whether or not to progress further with an application.


What do you think – do you use video interviewing?

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