Today is International Women’s Day which aims to celebrate all things great about womankind, as well as tackling some of the issues still prevalent today. The Gender Agenda is the global theme – tackling inequality and discrimination, whilst the UN focusses on putting a stop to violence against women.

Equality gets a lot of media attention and tribunal cases highlight some of the issues of sex discrimination that still happen in the workplace.

What is often less discussed are the incidents that women choose not to report or complain about, perhaps grudgingly “accepting” the smaller, more frequent or less tangible incidents of prejudice or discrimination that “it just doesn’t seem worth making a fuss about”. Attitude shift is harder to achieve than legislative changes but it is here that more focus needs to be directed in our opinion.

What do you do in your workplace to ensure equality and prevent any form of discrimination – it needs to go further than just having that Equality Policy in place.

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