HR Audit

Is the business owner wearing too many hats?

Let our HR Audit service alert you to possible areas of HR risk in your business.

  We would encourage business owners to find out for themselves (but at zero cost) whether they are getting HR right. We find that most businesses are somewhere in the middle, between doing nothing and being perfect. We can help you to understand the amount of risk you are potentially exposed to, and those HR areas where your policies and compliance practices may be falling short. You can choose to take part in our self-service audit quiz OR you can find out about our free onsite HR audit (worth £200).

Onsite HR Audit

Anything that causes a disruption to the smooth running of a business costs time and money. The frustration is compounded if the disruption was avoidable in the first place.

Learn more about the free onsite HR Audit

Self-service HR Audit

Answer 12 simple questions (requiring just Yes or No answers), and your score is an indicator of how well your business is doing against a some important HR compliance and policy measures.

Take part in the self-service HR Audit quiz



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