HR Support for Trade Businesses

HR Support for Trade Businesses

For when people who know their tools need help from people who know people.

If you’re working your socks off running a business the best you can, providing for your family and the families of your employees, the last thing you want is anyone or anything making life unnecessarily difficult. The bottom line is that if you employ anyone, or have contractors that do work for you, you have a responsibility to them and them to you. Human Resources (HR) is necessary and important. It needn’t be a dragnet though that slows your business to a crawl. If you’ve got a handle on the following, you’re already most likely in great shape.

Download our HR Guide for owners of trade businesses, it contains sensible advice and suggestions in the areas of: company van or car usage, managing mobile/lone workers, health and safety, apprenticeships, absence management and the signs that might suggest your business needs some HR help.

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