How Fair Is Britain? The Commission for Equality & Human Rights (CEHR) have just published their 2015 progress report on equality in Britain.

The report focusses on data in key areas:

1. Education & learning
2. Work income & the economy
3. Health & care
4. Justice, security & the right to life
5. The individual & society

The Executive Summary makes for an interesting read for those who don’t have time to digest the full report. A couple of points we picked up on:

There is a widening educational attainment gap with white boys from poorer households being one of the groups highlighted as achieving lower than other groups.

Men are more likely to be unemployed than women, but once in the workplace women are less likely to hold senior positions and male graduates still earn more than their female counterparts.

Ethnic minorities have significantly higher unemployment rates and the lowest rates of pay.

Young people have the highest unemployment rates and have experienced greatest declines in pay rates. Unemployment rates have increased for disabled people.

So to answer the question – it seems we still have a way to go before we can say we are truly “fair”.

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