Am I better at my job if I wear high heels to work? Going on yesterday’s experience in which I foolishly wore new shoes & was distracted by my sore feet all day I’d suggest not!

Dress codes have a reasonable and legitimate place in many environments – corporate image, professional standards and of course health and safety being just some reasons to enforce a standard of attire.

Personally I think some outfits look better (I might even say I feel more professional) with heels than flat shoes but I think that we should be beyond an employer making that level of decision for employees.

To specify smart business dress is one thing but to specify the heel height of someone’s shoe seems unnecessarily controlling. I doubt in many cases the intention of any such dress code is to sexualise the female work wear with a requirement to wear kick ass stilettos, but that implication still has the potential to be there.

My plea – can we resolve this one quickly, agree that no employer should dictate a need for high heels at work, let grown up people in the workplace decide on their own professional attire, and then all be able to focus on the stuff that is really important – like getting the work done…

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