I know that I am highly influenced by the weather, and so I probably mention it a lot in this blog, but it really does feel as if Spring has sprung and that some people are feeling more optimistic.

We have seen an uplift in training bookings, as I think many companies have perhaps made the cost cuts they had to and are now at a point of getting on with running their business….part of which involves retaining, motivating, engaging and developing their staff.

We have been talking to clients a lot about ENGAGEMENT – the importance of getting and keeping the loyalty of your staff, the value in them believing in your business and wanting to be part of it, the strength in them feeling proud to work for you and representing your company in a positive light at all times. This might not sound easy to achieve in current times, and yet it is more essential than ever to do so.

We believe that investing in the development of your staff; showing both your belief in them and your loyalty to them will reap great rewards for your business. Training need not be costly and there are some great opportunities for getting financial support through Train to Gain to help cover the costs (including wages costs during training in some cases). Why not talk to your staff about their goals and the development they would like, then seek inspirational and exciting ways to make that happen? Create a buzz in your workplace that gets people talking. Encourage people to see learning as a continuous process and reward efforts to bring learning into the workplace where that learning benefits the business with cost savings or increased revenue.

We get incredibly excited about working with businesses that have a passion for learning so why not give us a call and we’d be delighted to give you some great ideas and a free copy of our 7 Steps to Training Success. If you do something great that adds to your learning and development, or that of your staff we’d love to hear about it!

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