Giving your employer access to your facebook page? The future of recruitment?

We’re not sure if this sounds like a great idea or truly scary!

We all know recruiters (we have used this technique ourselves in vivoHR a few times!) will look candidates up online and see what they might find – interesting reading especially when people don’t make their facebook statuses private…. but Cisco are inviting employees & potential employees to give them access to their social media data.

Apparently it will help to identify the skills and talent that people have which a business can utilise and it will help staff by providing relevant information to develop their careers.

We can maybe see this being true for Linked In, but even then it is relying on self reported skills & a wholly unreliable (some might say random?!) endorsement system for data…and as for Facebook – what skills are they hoping to be able to identify?!

We hope The Recruiter does a follow up piece next year to tell us how this has worked out as we’re intrigued!

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