Fun seems like an apt topic for a pre-Christmas post and it fits with one of our favourite any time of year workplace philosophies too – the FISH! principles. We’ve just downloaded this resource from HRZone and BrightHR – it’s a neat little book of fun ideas that might inspire you!

We’d say the FISH! philosophy is a must in any business all year round – created around the real life situation of a stall at the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, FISH! advocates four simple approaches to work & life.

  • Be there – be fully 100% present with whoever you are interacting with
  • Choose Your Attitude – decide each day to be positive, happy, upbeat…or don’t… the choice is yours
  • Make Their Day – do your best to make your colleagues, your clients and anyone else you interact with have a great day
  • Play – enjoy your work, make it fun and treat it like play – that’s not to say don’t take the important stuff seriously or don’t work hard but make sure there is laughter & enjoyment too!

So what can you do to bring FUN into the work day that boosts morale, motivation and engagement? We’d suggest a great start is making sure you really understand what your workforce think of as fun and what their motivators are – ask the question!

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