Football crazy? Football drives you crazy?!

Yes Euro 2016 is almost upon us and as is the way whenever there are major supporting events, employers may be considering what the impact to their business might be in terms of requests for time off, potential for people chucking a sickie when they have a post match celebration (commiseration?!) hangover, or reduced productivity if the matches are during work time and cause a distraction.

There is some useful advice regarding all of that here on the Personnel Today website.

We’d suggest a grown up approach that treats your employees like adults, makes the assumption they will behave thus, and then deals appropriately with anyone who doesn’t.

Why not be flexible with working hours so that people can watch the matches if you can be and it doesn’t have a negative impact on the business? Why not allow the footie to be on in the background or on a TV in the staff room if people will get on with their work at the same time?

Why not allow some flexibility in work start times after football match nights – surely better to have a refreshed workforce who put in their full days’ work after a late start than a tired hungover group of zombies clock watching to the end of the normal working day?!

Think about how you can best respond that keeps the business running effectively and allows those employees that are interested in football the opportunity to support their team – a happy workforce is after all a productive workforce 🙂


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