vivoHR has started 2019 full of excitement and optimism. In December vivoHR moved into larger office premises at the new Studio 40 suite complex on Lynchford Road, Farnborough. vivoHR is an HR advisory business that helps local businesses who employ staff, but do not need their own HR department. vivoHR is run by Sam Swinstead, supported by Clair Gilbert and Rachel Goodman.

Sam said. “We wanted more office space to help fulfil our growth plans. There are so many small and medium size employers, particularly in the trade sector, that need easy access to our expertise, but on their terms and when they need it. An example might be a business that has a disgruntled employee who is threatening to bring a claim, or there’s a requirement for HR policies or compliance checking. Clients tell us that they appreciate our straight-talking service, and easy-to-implement advice.

At the end of the day we want Hampshire and Surrey employers to get the HR side of their business right. We know that businesses with a happy and settled workforce, tend to be profitable businesses for their owners.”

That’s one of the reasons why vivoHR has redesigned its free business HR Audit service into two parts. The first is a self-service audit. An employer answers a set of simple questions which indicates how compliant the business might be from an HR point of view. For businesses in need of a little help or guidance, they can take the further option of a free, no obligation onsite HR Audit. This is a report highlighting where a business is doing well, and where it needs to improve. The improvement areas are graded depending on their potential impact on business operations. The self-service audit is available at:

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