We’re in the festive spirit at vivoHR – we’re wishing everyone a Merry Christmas with every email we send thanks to our lovely Christmas signatures.

We’ve planned our Christmas shutdown, we’ve let all our clients know, and we’ve planned the work that needs to be done this week before the first mulled wine can be heated.

We are out for the day tomorrow celebrating the end of another great year – a mooch around the Winchester Christmas market, a spot of lunch, a few glasses of something fizzy maybe?!

How are you celebrating Christmas in your place of work? Do you use this time of year as a chance to say thanks and well done to all of your employees? If so how do you do that?

Making sure everyone feels recognised, appreciated and rewarded can be a tricky business sometimes, a few years ago one of our clients bought all their staff a bottle of good whisky which is of course a great gift unless you happen to be teetotal for any number of reasons – religious belief, health, pregnancy! Of course the old maxim about not being able to please all of the people all of the time does apply to a certain extent – but its always better to at least try to get gifts that will be appropriate!

Of course gifts aren’t obligatory and there are other ways to let your staff know how important and valued they are (at any time of year – a thanks is not just for Christmas!) – we’re always keen to hear how great businesses do that so let us know your best ideas or tell us the worst stories of companies getting it wrong – we can all learn from others mistakes!

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