The firm that starts work at 9:06am! This was an interesting article on the BBC this week.

Apparently at US firm Pivotal Software, a gong is rung at precisely 9:06, at which time everyone must be ready to start work and the day starts then with a brief stand-up meeting to define the work priorities.

Prior to 9:06 anyone at work earlier than that gets a free breakfast so that they are ready to hit the day running at their very precise start time.

At the other end of the day everyone must leave work by 6pm at the latest.

The company are very successful and they attribute some of their success to having employees who are not tired, hungry or stressed about being late for work.

We’d hazard a guess that having put a lot of effort into this one part of employee management, this is probably a company with a strong focus overall on employee well-being and productivity which will help them to attract and retain high quality motivated employees.

That, rather than the exact start time of 9:06 is probably a bigger influencing factor in their success which likely means that other approaches may have a similarly positive effect – that’s good news for other businesses thinking about how to achieve such success – so what would work in your company to develop the most desirable high performance culture?

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