Employee or not?

A couple of weeks ago UBER made the headlines, as two drivers won their claim that they were in fact workers (note that they were not found to be employees as reported in some media – there is a difference – call us if you want an explanation) and are therefore entitled to some employment rights.

This has huge implications for the “gig economy” where people are paid per “gig” or piece of work done rather than an hourly rate – think taxi drivers, couriers etc. and you’ll soon see the scale of this issue.

UBER are of course challenging the decision so we will await further news.

In the meantime, a report earlier this week highlighted cases that may be brought by cycle couriers (if they can raise enough funds through crowed funding to make a claim) against a number of firms through the IWGB Union – again the media reporting is a little confused as there is such a lack of understanding about the difference in status between self-employed contractors, workers, and employees.

If you have people working for you and you are unclear about their employment status, give us a call today and we can help you to get it straightened out.

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